Multi- Channel Voting

The Multi-Channel Voting can be found from the main menu drop down under Engage and on the Clinical Contact main screen. 


The Multi-Channel Voting Main Screen

1) the Engage menu on top

2) shows the Type of Voting Choice already created and saved

3) shows the Keyword for the Voting Choice

4) shows the Voting Question that the respondent needs to answer

5) Report Manager

6) Status of the Voting Campaign

7) display the Vote Counts for each Voting Choice

8) allows the user to display up to 200 Voting Choices in this table

9) to create a new Voting Choice, click on Create.

Please note that voters may only vote once for each Voting Choice. Duplicate votes will not be counted.

Voters may only vote once for each Voting Choice. Duplicate votes will not be counted. Unfortunately, due to changes in Facebook policy, voting through Facebook is temporarily unavailable. You will not be able to create any voting questions for Facebook. Voting questions that are active will continue to remain active until the end of the set duration. However, any voting campaigns scheduled to start in the future will not be activated. Data from past campaigns will continue to be available in your account.

1) pick the Voting Types: Mobile Voting or Push to Vote

Mobile Voting – Create a poll using a mobile keyword.
Push to Vote – Create a poll that is sent to one of your distribution lists.

2) enter the Voting Keyword

Enter a mobile keyword that people can text-in to participate in your Mobile Voting.

3) Type in the Voting Question

4) create a new Report Manager or select an existing one from the drop down.

5) select the Voting Duration and the Time Zone 

6) select the SMS Header from the list - If you would like to change the SMS header, you must register a new one under Account > Edit Organization Profile > Verified Organization Names.

7) add a Voting Choice (see screenshot below)

8) add Age Restriction 

9) click Create to save this Voting Choice.


7) Add a Voting Choice 

  • 1 - add a Voting Choice
  • 2 - add an Auto Responder and insert a URL (optional)
  • 3 - select a Distribution List or Auto Create
  • 4 - click Add once complete