Yes/No Response

The Yes/No Response feature of Clinical Contact, allows the user to ask subscribers a question by directly texting a message or by having subscribers text an assigned mobile keyword. Subscribers will be placed in a distribution list based on their answer.

The Yes/No Response feature can be found under the Engage menu on top and from the icon on the Clinical Contact main page.


Creating a Yes/No Response

1) select the Type - Send a question to the subscribers by using an outbound text message or by an inbound text message to an assigned mobile keyword.

2) type in the Keyword - The mobile keyword that people can text in with their response.

3) type in the Question - The question that the user would like to ask people. Remember to phrase it so that the answers correspond to it.

4) pick the Report Manager - The User can view results for this question as part of a larger campaign effort.

5) select the Duration - The time period during which the question will be active, allowing people to send in their responses.

6) add an SMS Header - The SMS Header is typically the Name of the Organization sending the message. This will be the first part of any SMS or MMS message sent to customers. To change the SMS header, the User must register a new one under Account > Edit Organization Profile > Verified Organization Names.

7) add the Answer Choices - These are the possible answer choices that people can select from.

8) add the Unresponsive Distribution List automatically or manually - Contacts who have not responded to the question will be added to this distribution list for future messaging.

9) Message Preview box - See a preview of the question and answer choices as a text message

10) add a Late Response Message - Contacts who respond after the duration has expired will be sent this text message.

11) add an Age Restriction

12) click Create once complete