Auto Campaigns

Auto Campaigns allows the User to map out an automated "conversation" between themselves and their audience/s. The conversation begins with an initial trigger (like a “Hello”) and follows the flow of the rest of the Auto Campaign that was set up.

To create an Auto Campaign,

1) click on Engage and 

2) click on Auto Campaigns

3) enter the Name of the Auto Campaign

4) select the Duration

5) select the appropriate Purpose

6) pick a Template (optional)

7) select the Auto Campaign Re-entry settings

The next step is to create a flowchart.

1) Under Select Triggering Event, click on Get Started.

The Triggering Event is the initial action that sets the Auto Campaign into motion. Here, you can select the feature and event that will start this Auto Campaign.

The Configure Starting Point pop up window will appear.

2) select the appropriate Triggering Event from the box

3) click Continue

The Define Initial Trigger - Select Online Sign-up Page pop up window will appear.

The Auto Campaign starts when contacts opt in through an Online Sign-up Page. You may also select optional start conditions for Online Sign-up Page types or required fields.

4) select Online Sign-up Page from the box

5) select preferred Options 

6) check the box to include Current Contacts (optional)

7) click OK to proceed to the next step.

8) select Next Action for the flowchart

Here are the options:

a) Wait for...
b) Pause
c) Check if..
d) Go to
e) Send Message
f) Ask a Question
g) Add to Distribution List
h) Remove/Block Contact
i) End


a) Wait for... pop up window - Select Trigger to Wait for.

Triggers are actions that set off the next action or event. Contacts will progress through the Auto Campaign based on the triggers they activate as they engage with your business or organization.

1) select the Feature for this Triggering Event

2) click OK to continue


b) Pause / Configure Timer pop up window - Select How Long to Pause for 

The Pause trigger serves as a timer. It allows you to space out the messages in your campaign to control the flow of your interactions and to refrain from overwhelming your contacts.

Select the appropriate values for 1 and 2.

3) click OK to continue


c) Check if... pop up window

1) type in the Display Name

2) click Add to add a filter OR Load Saved Filters (if an appropriate filter is already saved)

Add Filter pop up window - Define Filter to add below

1) add a Filter name

2) select data for step 1

3) select data for step 2


4) select the additional condition for the filter

5) click Add Filter


d) Go to window

1) type in the Display Name

2) select Repeat option

3) select Go to option

4) click Add to add a filter OR Load Saved Filters (if an appropriate filter is already saved)

e) Send Message / Compose Message window

1) add the Description of the message

2) select mode to send message

3) click on Continue


Mobile Text Message window

1) add the SMS Header

2) Type in the Text Message in the box

3) add a URL (optional)

4) add a Mail Merge field (optional)

5) add Coupon (optional)

A picture or video can also be inserted in the message.

6) click on OK once the message is complete.

f) Ask a Question

“Ask a Question” allows you to send messages with a question to your contacts. Then, the system will wait a preset amount of time for the contact to answer. Answers provided by the contacts can either be saved into “Custom Data Fields”, or basic Multiple Choice, Yes/No or open-ended questions can be stored in a report. The contact will then proceed along the Auto Campaign flowchart based upon their answer.  The question will be delivered as soon as the contact reaches the part of the Auto Campaign with this action. You can configure how long the system should wait for contacts’ responses before continuing to the next action.

1) add a Description

2) select a Question Type from the drop down

3) select the Wait Period from the drop down

4) click Continue


Text Capture Question window

Here, you will compose the message that your contacts will receive. Any additional instructions (i.e. how to vote, reply yes/no, etc.) will be included in your SMS message automatically.

1) add the SMS Header

2) type in the Question Message in the box

The URL, Mail Merge and Coupon add-ons are available here.

3) the Message Preview box

4) click Continue once done

g) Add to Distribution List

1) pick a Distribution List

2) click on the top arrow to add the Distribution List to the

3) Selected List box

4) click OK to continue

h) Remove/Block Contact

Select an option for either removing or blocking contacts. If you choose to block contacts, they are removed from your database and cannot be manually added later. However, contacts can be added back if they themselves opt-in again.

1) select Remove Option

2) click OK once done

i) End

The flowchart is now complete and the Auto Campaign is now available.