Scheduling Thru Calendar and Patient Chart


In this lesson, we will learn how to set appointment through the Calendar Tab and Patient Chart. 

By Calendar Tab

  • Navigate to the calendar by hovering cursor over "Schedule" and "Calendar," and selecting the day, week or month view.


  • Clicking on "Day View" displays the daily schedule for all providers.

Click the right and left arrows to move from one day to the next, or click on the date that is currently displayed to view the calendar.


  • Click "Calendar Resources" and select individual resources, or click "Select All" to choose all resources for a given location.

  • Select a specific appointment type from the dropdown box to filter the appointments viewed.
  • Easily switch between day, week and month views by clicking these options.

  • Click the desired time to display the appointment box and schedule an appointment at that time.
  • For more information about scheduling appointments, view the training document, "Scheduling Appointments."




By Patient Chart

  • Search for the name of the patient. You can use either use the Patient tab or the Advanced Search tab. Click on the Patient's name to go the Patient's dashboard. 


  • Once on the dashboard, hover your mouse to New Appointment tab then click. 


  • The next page will be directed to the Scheduling page. Choose the details needed from the dropdown.
    • Location
    • Primary Resource
    • Additional Resource (if needed)
    • Appointment Type


  • Click on the date on the Calendar to view the time table, then select the patient's preferred time.