Scheduling Appointments

Schedule an Appointment

Learn how to schedule an appointment for a patient, add the reason for the patient’s visit, create a “New Patient” in the scheduling process, add the patient to the “Recall List,” and block a period of time on the schedule. The scheduling box can be found from the “Appointment Search” screen, from the “Daily Schedule” screen, and from the “Calendar” screen and Patient Dashboard. 



  • Click on the “Appointment Time.”


  • Select “Appointment Type.”
  • “Block” may be selected to block a period of time with or without a patient, and this option can be changed at any time.


  • Confirm/search/add patient.
  • Type in the patient’s name and select the correct name from the drop-down list. If the patient is not in the system, click, “Add New Patient” and fill in the required highlighted fields.
  • Note: When a patient is added to the schedule as a “New Patient,” he/she is not an actual patient in the database, does not have a chart number, and can only be accessed by selecting “New Patient” from the “Schedule” or “Patient Roster.” To avoid duplicate patients, the “New Patients” chart must be created during the check-in process or by searching the “Patient Roster” for new patients.


  • Enter notes (optional).


  • Add to “Recall List” (optional).
  • Check the box to add the patient to the “Recall List” as an appointment reminder.
  • Click “Save Appointment.”