Integrating to Clinical Contact

Clinical Contact is a mobile, email and social media marketing tool that helps private practice owners to easily reach out to patients and increase interactions. 

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Within In Touch EMR, you have the ability to sign up to your Clinical Contact account. Allowing the system to automatically upload new patient contact details to your Clinical Contact account. 

Users must log in to their Clinical Contact account. From the Account tab, choose API settings.

Users need to choose the type of messages to send to the contacts. Either Non-Solicitation or Solicitation

A pop-up will appear for the user to explain the difference between Solicitation and Non-Solicitation. 

Users need to Print the certification for API access form.

Once the form has been filled out, it needs to be uploaded in the same page.  Our certification team will review the forms submitted and we will notify the user once it is approved. 

Users will be provided with a Certification Key once their forms have been approved. 


Users must go to In Touch EMR and under the Marketing Tab, choose Clinical Contact. 

From the Clinical Contact tab, click on Add API Key

Enter the API Key that was provided on the Clinical Contact account and click submit. 

Once submitted, the page will list the username in Clinical Contact. The users will have the ability to deactivate the account by clicking the deactivate button. 

To start sending the contacts from EMR to Clinical Contact, click on the Integrate Contacts with CC button 


It will provide you with the notification that the contacts have been sent to your Clinical Contact account. 

 Everytime you added new patients in In Touch EMR and want them to be imported to Clinical Contact, just go to the Clinical Contact page in EMR (screenshot below) and click on 'Integrate Contacts with CC' button.

REMEMBER: Only patients with valid mobile numbers will be imported to Clinical Contact.

To check if your contacts have been added to your Clinical Contact accounts, go to Contact Database

Search for the list named 'ITE' from your distribution list.

All the patients from ITE will be imported directly to this list.