Integrating with Therapy Newsletter

Therapy Newsletter Is a Done-For-You email marketing system that automatically sends out newsletters through emails to your patients 2x a month.

This technology will help you grow your clinic by increasing your referrals and keeps you in touch with your patients. 

If you haven't signed up yet, go to and try it for $1 for a month. 


Within In Touch EMR, you have the ability to integrate your Therapy Newsletter account. Allowing the system to automatically upload new patient contact details to your Therapy Newsletter account. 

Whenever there are new patients added to your In Touch EMR account they will be added to your Therapy Newsletter contact list and ready to receive the next newsletter. 

To start, go to the Membership page in In Touch EMR. 

Click Yes to the question "Will you be adding Therapy Newsletter?"

If you are an existing member, you will not be charged again for the membership fee for Therapy Newsletter. 

Users must indicate which patients agreed to be a part of the Therapy Newsletter mailings by going to the patient chart and tick the Therapy Newsletter box

Make sure to save the changes in the patient chart by clicking the "update" button. The system will provide notifications that the patient chart has been updated successfully. 

Next, the user must log in to their Therapy Newsletter account. Under the Marketing tab, choose the Therapy Newsletter. 

It will show the page for the user to enter their Therapy Newsletter username and password. 

Once the user is logged in to Therapy Newsletter, the page will change. Instead of a login button, it will show Modify button, allowing users to change their password if they wish to. 

To integrate the contacts from EMR to Therapy Newsletter, go to the Map Data Tab and click YES to confirm the integration. 

It will provide notification at the bottom of the screen how many patient information has been connected to Therapy Newsletter. 

Only patients with email addresses will be sent over to Therapy Newsletter. 

After the above steps have been successfully done, henceforth, all new patients with email addresses and have opted for Therapy Newsletter subscription in In Touch EMR will be automatically added to the contacts list of the associated Therapy Newsletter Account.

If contact is DELETED in Therapy Newsletter, it will only be unsubscribed in In Touch EMR but not deleted.

If a contact UNSUBSCRIBES in Therapy Newsletter, it will also be unsubscribed in In Touch EMR