Fast and Easy Payer Enrollments with Our Clearing House

When switching billing software, the payer needs to be notified as to which clearinghouse all your claims will be received from moving forward and which clearinghouse they need to start sending the ERAs to.

ERAs (electronic remittance advice) are information in an electronic data interchange (EDI) version of a medical insurance payment explanation. It provides details about provider's claims payment, and if the claims are denied, it would then contain the required explanations.

Your ERAs will automatically show in In Touch Biller PRO electronically if that payer has electronic connections with our clearinghouse Nextgen/Healthfusion. If the payer does not have electronic connections, you will be receiving an EOB (explanation of benefits) by mail.

Please note, In Touch EMR does NOT handle enrollments, the clearinghouse Healthfusion does and any / all questions about enrollment packets, questions about enrollment forms, timelines should be directed to the Healthfusion enrollment department. In Touch EMR support staff can provide support on your software, and someone in your staff (the billing implementation manager) will need to coordinate and complete enrollments directly with Healthfusion.

We will notify you who is the assigned enrollment specialist in  Nextgen/Healthfusion for your account. 

Please contact Healthfusion directly to make sure that your enrollments are done as quickly as possible because a delay in enrollments can impact your cashflow. The single biggest concern we run into during the transition process is a delay in enrollments. It is imperative that your billing implementation leader work directly (and proactively) with Healthfusion to minimize delays due to missed emails, incomplete forms, payer related clarifications etc.

Healthfusion is your clearinghouse and will handle any questions you have relating to enrollment. Please contact HealthFusion directly at (877) 523-2120 ext. 5.


Can I use In Touch Biller Pro while my enrollment is still being processed?

Yes, you can now start using In Touch Biller PRO. There are some payers that do not require payer enrollment. You will be provided a list of payers that will require enrollment and you will have to wait to start submitting claims for those payers. 

While waiting for your payers to get enrolled, you can use In Touch Biller PRO for scheduling and In Touch EMR for documentation. 

Payer enrollment time-frame depends on the payer. It usually takes around 2 weeks to 2 months. Please contact Healthfusion directly or coordinate with your enrollment specialist to make this process easy, quick and efficient.