Initial Steps - Getting your In Touch Biller PRO Account Ready

Welcome to In Touch EMR and In Touch Biller Pro!

By this time, you have already submitted the order form back to us. The following are the next steps in the process of getting your In Touch EMR and In Touch Biller PRO account ready. 

  • Fill out the following forms:
    • In Touch EMR Service Agreement 
    • In Touch EMR Privacy Policy
    • In Touch Biller PRO Quick Start Guide
  • Provide us with your staff information:
    • Full name of your staff members
    • Designation in the company 
    • A unique email address for each staff
    • Phone numbers
    • NPI for rendering providers
    • Copy of signatures for rendering providers 

Once all these details has been received from you, expect the following:

  • You will receive important emails regarding the implementation from us. Please read all the emails.
  • You will be assigned an account manager that will be handling your inquiries and implementation of your account. 
  • You will receive your training logins within 24 hours of completion of all necessary forms and troop information.
  • You will receive a checklist (to practice while training).
  • You will receive the In Touch EMR and In Touch Biller PRO login details 7-10 business days from the time of completion of all necessary forms and troop information.
  • You can request for a one-time walkthrough for us to answer all your questions after you have taken the video training.
  • We will provide with the name of the enrollment specialist within Nextgen/Healthfusion (the clearinghouse) that will help you with payer enrollments. You will need to coordinate all payer enrollment inquiries and matters to the Nextgen/Healthfusion enrollment specialist.