Sending Text Messages

2 Ways to start sending messages

  • From the Message tab, mouse over the Send Message tab and on the drop down menu, click on Send Message.  

  • From the Clinical Contact home page, click on the Send Message icon.


Send Messages Screen

At the send messages screen, fill out the following under Description and Modes.

  1. Description - Title of the message, this is for the Users reference only. 
  2. Send Message Via
    • Normal Blast -  Will send the messages straight to the selected channels
      • Text message,
      • Email,
      • Facebook Page 
      • Twitter
    • Smart Blast - will send a single message across multiple channels until the recipient responds to that message 
  3. Message Type
    • One-Time Message to Distribution Lists or Dynamic Targets
    • One-Time Message to Individuals
    •  Automated Message for New Subscribers  
    • Automated Recurring Message to Distribution Lists or Dynamic Targets
  4. Choose a Template 
  5. Report Manager - not required. Select if an organized report of the messages is needed. 
  6. Send Time 
    • Send Now
    • Send Later 


Choosing a template 

Text message Templates -  There are different types of text message templates to choose from. On the pop-up, just click on All under Custom Templates, then click on the selected template to highlight it in blue and click OK at the bottom.

  • All
  • Trial
  • Appointment Reminder


Text Messages 

  1. Select Template - the option to select templates is available here
  2. Organization name - select the organization name from the SMS header drop down menu. To get instructions on how to add more organization names, please click here.
  3. The number of characters left in the text message
  4. Body of the message 
  5. URL - enter the URL and the system will automatically shorten the URL and add it to the text message as a clickable link that redirects to that URL                                                                                                                                                   
  6. Mail Merge - to personalize the message and address the recipients directly with their information                       
  7. Add coupon or QR code -                                                                                                                        
  8. Send out MMS - photo or video or long messages that go over the character count. Please note that any MMS message will come from the short code 7600 


Select Recipients

Options which contact to send the message to

  • Distribution List  - select a distribution list and click the arrow pointing to the right or
  • Individuals - select specific contacts to send out to 
  • Dynamic Target  - select a distribution list and click the arrow pointing to the right 
  • Applying filters - not required. This is to send messages only to specific criteria that would apply to the distribution list. 


Preview & Send Screen 

The system will allow the User to preview the message before it is sent. 

1 - Check the box and agree to the Terms.

2 - After previewing the message and making changes (as needed), click on Send.