The moment the User logs in, a pop up will request the User to fill out the organization set up.

The organization name is very important. This will be the default header on all the text messages telling the customers who the message is from. 

The correct Time zone is crucial to ensure that all campaigns are sent at the right time. 



Account Settings 

The User can manage the account settings by following these steps. Go to the Account Tab and choose Account Settings:


From the account settings, there are several important components. 

  • Account Status  -  Shows the total number of credits both local and international, number of keywords created, number of campaigns created, email and contacts limit, type of plan, the next billing date


  • User Information - Shows Username, Full Contact Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Short Code, Country of Operation and Time Zone. The User will be able to edit this information by clicking on the "Edit Info & Password" button.


  • Organization Profile - The User will need to edit the Organization Profile and add the clinic name. The organization name needs to be verified, our verification team will approve it to be verified. Enter the company phone number, mobile number, address, email, organization type/ industry, company size, contact size, and logo. 


  • Verify Email address - If there is an email address that used as the From or Reply-To email, it needs to add it to the email address list. The User will receive an email from Clinical Contact to verify the email address. The User can choose which email address they would like to be as the default From or Reply to email address.                                                             


  • Social Networking Accounts - Facebook or Twitter accounts can be linked here by adding the URL.  


  • Notifications - To set up what notifications the User would like to receive from Clinical Contact, this can be set it up here.


  • Voice Caller ID - Prior to sending out voicemails, a voicemail caller ID should be set up here.