Sending Voice Broadcast

2 ways to get to the Voice Broadcast page

  • From the Message tab, click on the Send Voice Broadcast option. 

  • From the Clinical Contact home page, click on the Voice Broadcast icon.

On the Voice Broadcast Page, there are several options to be filled out. All section with an asterisk is a mandatory field. 

  • Description 
  • Caller ID
  • Operator Gender -  There will be a robot voice speaking prior to the user's voice. You may choose from the following: 
    • Male
    • Female
  • Send Message Time  - Users have the option to schedule the message
    • Send Now
    • Send Later - users will need to choose the time and date of when they want the message to be sent out 
  • Retry call if Message has not been delivered - There will be instances when the voice broadcast is not successful. This allows users to notify the system ahead of time to retry to deliver the message. 
  • Report Manager 

To compose the message, the robot voice will be speaking first and it will be the gray colored message. The Blue colored section is the option where the users can either upload a recording, record their voice within the software or type and the system will convert the text into a voice message. 

Once the message has been composed, the User can select the recipients. You can select a whole distribution list or add data sets to filter the list. 

After the User have selected the recipients, the system will provide a preview of the message and other details. 

Users need to agree to the Terms and Conditions before sending the message.