Do the charges come over automatically from In Touch EMR?

Yes! When the clinician documents each visit, he/she will enter the ICD and CPT codes as they move through the following sections in the clinical documentation process.

  • Subjective
  • Objective
  • Flowsheet
  • Assessment
  • Plan

ICD Codes Are Selected In the Subjective Section of In Touch EMR

CPT Codes Are Specified In the Flowsheet Section of In Touch EMR.

This is the flowsheet section in In Touch EMR. Charges that are entered by the therapist will be sent over to In Touch Biller Pro automatically.

Things to Remember:

  1. The clinic’s biller has the option to review and edit, if necessary, any of the charge that came from In Touch EMR.
  2. Charges will ONLY come over to In Touch Biller Pro if the claim was finalized in EMR.
  3. Editing can ONLY be done inside In Touch Biller Pro since the note in In Touch EMR cannot be edited once finalized.



Review All ICD and CPT Codes In Claim Review Tab Prior to Finalizing Document.


The Claim Review tab will show you all the CPT codes that were entered for this patient visit.

Once a certain encounter is finalized, the CPT code will then populate in In Touch Biller Pro.