Control Center 1.0 - Productivity


 Features available in the Productivity Tab:

  1. Name of Provider - This dropdown box provides an option to view a specific provider or ALL provider's information
  2. Upcoming Appointments - Shows all upcoming appointments for the next 5 days  
    1. Date of Appointment 
    2. Type of appointment 
    3. Name of Patient 
    4. Clinic Location 
    5. Name of Clinician
    6. PDF icon - to print the list of upcoming appointments 
  3. Document in Progress - Shows all documentation that has been started but not completed
  4. Documents for Review - Shows all documentation that is received to be reviewed by the chosen provider 
    1. Document Title - The type of document; this is a clickable field and it takes the user directly to the document for review 
    2. Date of Service - The appointment date and time
    3. Date of Submission - The date and time the document was submitted for review. 
    4. Patient Name - This is also a clickable field and takes the user to the patient dashboard
    5. Assigned Clinician - This is the clinician to whom the appointment was originally assigned. This is NOT the clinician to whom the document has been submitted for review
  5. Completed Documents - Shows all documentation that has been received for review that has been completed
  6. Finalized Documents - Shows documentation that has been finalized by the clinician

  7. Amendments - This shows all the documentation that has been amended.
    1. Title - The type of document that was opened 
    2. Date of Appointment 
    3. Name of Patient 
    4. Status - Each amendment needs to be accepted by the clinician in order for it to be added to the documentation. This column shows the status of whether it has been accepted or still pending 
    5. View - This button will show a pop-up containing information about the amendment