In Touch Biller Pro and In Touch EMR Integration

In Touch EMR is integrated with the practice management software In Touch Biller PRO. 

In this lesson, it will explain further how this integration works. 



When you create a new patient in In Touch Biller PRO,  a patient chart is automatically created in In Touch EMR with the details you provided in In Touch Biller PRO.


When a new provider is added in In Touch Biller PRO, a  new login for that provider is created in In Touch EMR. We always use the name of the provider and the NPI number for their username. A calendar for that user will also appear on In Touch EMR. We highly discourage that you make changes to the provider maintenance screen in In Touch Biller PRO without notifying our customer support team as it may cause interruption to this integration. 


When appointments are created in In Touch Biller PRO,  the appointments automatically appear on the In Touch EMR calendar along with the information associated with that appointment ( appointment type, referring provider, status, etc) 


Once the provider completed their documentation in In Touch EMR, the claim will automatically appear in In Touch Biller PRO, ready for claim submission.