The Dashboard

When the user logs in to Therapy Newsletter, it will automatically direct the user to the dashboard. 



Parts of the Dashboard

  1. Login email - this is the username and email address that were assigned to the account when registered to Therapy Newsletter. Once the user click the email address, it will provide a drop-down selection of all the account settings options. 
  2. Dashboard & sidebar - this is the main page and the list of tools and other features available. Each tab on the sidebar has subcategories once clicked. 
  3. List of upcoming newsletters - this section shows the delivery date of when your newsletters are going to be sent out and the title.
  4. Youtube training video - this is a video of what the dashboard looks like and its special components.
  5. News & Updates from Therapy Newsletter - this section provides what is new about Therapy newsletter.
  6. 'Your Contacts' quick view - this is the total number of contacts that the user has and how many are new this month. It also shows the subscriber capacity limit.
  7. Statistics of your previous newsletter - this has the title of the last newsletter that was sent out, when it was delivered and the percentage of how many people have opened it.
  8. Real-Time Alerts - this shows real-time notifications of email opens to tell you who opened your email newsletter and when.