Patient Portal - Data PrePopulation

Once the patient enters data using the Initiate E-Visit from his/her patient portal, it will be made available to the provider to use during documentation.

 During the Initial Evaluation documentation, a pop-up box will open automatically. The provider will be given the option to use the data provided in the Initiate E-Visit (by the patient portal).

The clinician has the option to check and uncheck different elements that they would like to use.

The clinician scrolls down and will be given 3 options - Yes, No and Remind Me Later

  • YES - Selecting Yes would pre-populate the subjective section and overwrite the same fields with the data from the patient portal.

Existing data for the same fields will be overwritten. There are times when the provider may not want to use ALL the data provided by the patient.  The clinician has the ability to edit the data prior to saving the information. 

  • No - Selecting No will NOT pre-populate the subjective section and the dialogue box will not appear again.
  • Remind Me Later -  The Remind Me Later option gives the provider an opportunity to review this at a later time. If the Remind Me Later is clicked, the intake will be available again when the Initial Eval is re-opened.  

The only exception to this is if the patient logs in to the patient portal and adds/updates information in their instant intake. In that event, the instant intake dialogue box will appear the next time the clinician documents an initial evaluation, re-evaluation or progress note.