Uploading a Patient List in Bulk

In order to import patient data into In Touch Biller Pro, you will first need to export the patient data from your previous EMR/Billing system.

Existing patient data will need to be entered into a .CSV formatted file before it can be uploaded in In Touch Biller Pro.

A sample file is available to used and can be accessed by going to:

1. Patients from the top menu

2. Click on Patient Roster

3. Then click on Download Sample File.

The first step in transitioning away from your existing system is to export your patient data into an Excel file. Most systems allow you to export your patient's demographic information in an excel format. If you don't know how to export your data in an Excel format, please contact your current software vendor for assistance.

In order to import your patient data into In Touch Biller Pro, you will need your patient data in an Excel format with the following mandatory columns:

• First Name

• Last Name

• DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)

• Gender

• Address Line 1

• City

• State

• Zip

• Phone number

Columns "V" and column "AT" and "BN" require you to enter the corresponding Health Fusion Payer ID in order for the correct insurance information to transfer over for each patient.


To access the Health Fusion Payer ID list, follow these steps:


Note: The import file must match the formatting of the sample file in order for the information to import correctly in In Touch Biller Pro.

You can do this on your own, or have us do it for you. Contact your Account Manager for more information. Once you sign the service agreement, just email us at data@intouchemr.com to initiate the 'Data Reorganization' service for In Touch Biller Pro clients.

Once you have completed the .CSV file with all your existing patient data in the correct columns, you will then upload the file to In Touch Biller Pro.

To upload your .CSV file, go to:

1. Patients from the main menu.

2. Click on Patient Roster

3. Chose file to upload by clicking on 'Browse' button

4. Once the file already appears as uploaded, click on 'Upload' to finalized the process.

In Touch Biller Pro will let you know if the file has any errors that needs to be corrected. If the file is uploaded successfully, the system will show your patient demographic information in the Patient Roster and the Account Status is "Current". In Touch Biller Pro will automatically create a patient record for each patient.

Need help? Introducing the In Touch Biller Pro Data Reorganization Service

If you find it difficult or time consuming to reorganize your data, don't worry, we are here to help.

Our support team will be happy to help reorganize your data from your previous EMR / billing system so that it is ready to import into the In Touch Biller Pro with our one time data reorganization service.

Before we can assist you with the import of your patient data, you will need to sign our In Touch EMR Data Reorganization Service Agreement. This agreement details our responsibilities (and yours) in the data reorganization process.

Once you have signed the Data Reorganization Service Agreement, you will then need to email our support team your current patient demographic information in an Excel Spreadsheet format to data@intouchemr.com

In Touch Biller Pro will then reorganize your data into the proper .CSV format and send it back to you (the client) in order for you to upload into your In Touch Biller Pro account.

All copies of patient demographic information will be deleted by the In Touch Biller Pro staff within 24 hours.

Please note that this is a one time service provided to our clients, any requests for additions, edits, or corrections will be the responsibility of the client. Clients will have the opportunity to review the formatted file and edit them prior to importing the files to their In Touch Biller Pro account. Clients are responsible for the accuracy of all information uploaded to the In Touch system (or any other system) as mentioned in the In Touch EMR Data Reorganization Service Agreement.

Data Reorganization. Data Import. Request Data Flush. Begin Scheduling.

As soon as your Patient Data has been imported successfully into In Touch Biller Pro, please send an email to data@intouchemr.com with the subject line "Data Flush into In Touch EMR", and mention your In Touch Biller Pro username.

We will flush your patient data from your In Touch Biller Pro account to your In Touch EMR account, and respond to you with a confirmation within two business days. Once this is done, you can start scheduling patients in In Touch Biller Pro, and those appointments will start to appear automatically in the calendar in In Touch EMR.

Note: Patient scheduling should not occur in In Touch Biller Pro until the Data Flush from In Touch Biller Pro into In Touch EMR has been completed, and confirmed by our support team. We strongly recommend that you wait until the flush has been completed before you begin scheduling patients in In Touch Biller Pro.