Manual Patient Entry

There are 2 ways to get to the Register a Patient page, you can click it from the Home Page Shortcuts or from the Patient tab at the top. 

  • Enter the required Patient Demographic and Contact Information.
  • All highlighted fields are required and all other data is optional.
  • Save your information before proceeding to the next step.

Notes About Account Type

  • Is optional and should be selected if the patient requires a duplicate chart (e.g., the patient requires both a personal medical chart and a Workers' Compensation chart).
  • Should be used if the practice has multiple patients with the same name.
  • If selected, the Date of the 1st Occurrence is required. Enter the date of the occurrence (e.g., accident date) if applicable; otherwise, enter the patient's DOB. When searching for a patient, the account type and the date of first occurrence (DOB) is displayed.

Saving a Resident as a Resident of a Location

For clients who service Nursing Home patients, the home is set up in the system as a Location. When registering a new patient and associating the patient with the location, an additional option is provided to establish that the patient is a resident of the location. When selecting this option, the location's address and phone information will be prepopulated into the registration fields.

  • Select the Patient is a resident of this Location checkbox.
  • Use the search bar to search for the desired location. Users may search by location name, city, street, or zip code.
  • Select the location to prepopulate the address and phone information.

Note: The address and phone information will only populate the chart when registering a new patient. When editing an existing patient chart, the address and phone information must be updated manually.


  • After the patient information is saved, the page navigates to Step 2, Insurance Information.
  • Click Add an Insurance Profile.



  • Complete the required Insurance Information and Insured Information indicated by the highlighted fields.
  • Tip: If the insured's data already exists in the system, use the Search for the Insured form to locate the insurance profile.
  • MediTouch does not allow duplicate profiles.

Note: If the subscriber is entered incorrectly, the profile will have to be deleted and reentered.


  • If an existing insurance profile can be located, it will display.
  • To assign this profile to the patient's chart, click the Use Selected Profile.
  • Otherwise proceed and manually enter the insurance information.



  • Payer Class: Indicates fee schedules.
  • Payer Type: Corresponds to Box 1 of a CMS-1500 claim form.
  • Plan Name: May be entered at any time, or setup in advance via the Administration: Payer Plan page.
  • Group No.: Correlates with Box 11c.
  • Co-pay: Can be viewed from the patient chart, scheduling screens, and when posting a patient payment.
  • Co-Ins: Can be viewed in the patient chart and in scheduling pages.
  • Accept Assignment: Correlates with Box 27.



  • For patients without insurance, create a Self Pay insurance profile.
  • Select Self Pay as the payer name. The patient's Chart No. will automatically populate the Insured's ID Number field.
  • Save your information before proceeding to the next step.


Guarantor Information


  • The highlighted fields are required. All other data is optional.
  • Self is the default selection. If an insurance profile's relation to the insured is spouse, child or other, the insured will appear as an option in the dropdown.
  • If the guarantor's profile already exists in the database, search for the active profile.
  • Note: The guarantor is the financially responsible party. Statements will be mailed to the guarantor.


Associations (optional)


  • Selecting a provider in this menu allows the user to create statements for all patients that have also listed this provider in Associations.
  • A referring provider selection defaults that referring provider on all appointments and claims.
  • The Prior Auth selection defaults that authorization on all appointments and claims.
  • Select Other Referral Source.
  • Edit the default provider, if necessary.


Authorizations (optional)


  • When an authorization number is required on claims, the data must be created on this screen.
  • Always remember to save your data.


Messages (optional)


  • An alert or note pertaining to the patient may be added here.
  • Notes: Notes are displayed only in the patient's chart.
  • Alerts: The user will have the option to select a billing or a scheduling alert. Scheduling alerts are displayed when scheduling appointments and on the check-in screen. Billing alerts are displayed on the ledger as well as when posting patient payments.




  • To enter a new episode, click New Episode.
  • Enter episode title.
  • Default the episode for future use, if desired.
  • Complete patient's condition related to Dates, Additional Dates, and Additional Information.
  • Click Save Episode.