Using the Recall List

A patient recall is a reminder for the office to perform an action for a patient, such as scheduling follow-ups and sending appointment reminders. The “Recall List” is used to view, edit and mark eligible recalls as completed.

To Access the Recall List Go to Schedule then Recall List

  • View the list and use the “Status,” “Type,” and “Sort By” drop down
  • Select “Edit” from the drop-down menu to edit a recall.


To Schedule or Edit a Recall: 

  1. After clicking “Edit,” a screen with recall notes will appear. Notes may be added or changed here, and the time may be changed.
  2. Click “Save” when finished.



Completed Recalls

Select “Mark as Complete” from the drop-down menu, check the boxes to the left of the completed recall(s), and click “Submit.”


Setting Up Recall Types

The Recall Type feature allows users to create additional recall types. A recall is used to create a list of items for patient follow up. Review this help section for the steps required to add a recall type.

Navigate to the “Admin” page and select “Recall Type.”

Recall Type Descriptions

Enter the name of the recall.

Click “Add.”


Recall List from the Patient Chart

The Recall List section on the patient chart in Biller Pro displays the recalls for that patient. Check the box(es) corresponding to the desired recall(s), choose a status from the drop-down menu, and click “Submit” to update the status of the selected recall.



How to Add Patient on the Recall List During Appointment Creation

Click on the “Appointment Time.
Select “Appointment Type.”

How to Confirm/Search/Add a Patient 

Type in the patient’s name and select the correct name from the drop-down list. If the patient is not in the system, click, “Add New Patient” and fill in the required highlighted fields.

Note: When a patient is added to the schedule as a “New Patient,” he/she is not an actual patient in the database, does not have a chart number, and can only be accessed by selecting “New Patient” from the “Schedule” or “Patient Roster.” To avoid duplicate patients, the “New Patients” chart must be created during the check-in process or by searching the “Patient Roster” for new patients.

  1. Add to “Recall List” (optional).
  2. Check the box to add the patient to the “Recall List” as an appointment reminder.
  3. Click “Save Appointment.”


Adding Patient on the Recall List during Check Out


Note: The appointment is officially checked-out after clicking this option. If no other tasks are necessary, return to the schedule to continue checking patients in and out.

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