Tracking Patient and provider claim status reports

In Touch Biller Pro has the capability to generate status claim reports for both patient and provider level so you can keep track of claim statuses.


To generate a claim status report, go to "Real Time" from the top menu.

Choose "Claim Status" from the drop down menu and you will have the option to choose from: • Claim Status Inquiry (Patient) • Claim Status Report (Provider).



Claim Status For a Provider

To generate a Claim Status Report for a Provider:

1. Choose the Payer you wish to generate a report on by locating them in the drop down menu

2. Choose the Provider you wish you to request information on.

3. Enter the Desired Date range

4. Click "Submit Transaction", when you are done.


Claim Status For a Patient

To generate a Claim Status Inquiry or a patient, enter the patient information as needed on this screen. Required information is marked with a red asterisk. Once all necessary information are added, click "Submit Transaction" to generate your report.