Tracking Accounts Receivables

The A/R ledgers have always been an extremely complicated part of the billing process…. until now. The good news is – we make this easy with ITB Pro and we make life easy for the billing department to track payments.


How Does the Billing Department Keep Track of Accounts Receivables?

1.     The Claim Status Dashboard can be used to track claims in the EDI process and should not be used for Accounts Receivables accounting.
The dashboard gives the user a general idea of where the claims are at in the EDI process and adjudication status.

a.     Pay special attention to the “Rejected” tab. This area is where any EDI rejected claims can be located.
b.     The “Denied, Appealed, and Finalized” tab consists of claims that are adjudicated. Pay close attention to Denied and Appealed claims.

2.     A/R ledgers for both by Payer Balances and by Patient Balances can be used to follow up on outstanding balances. There are also AR Reports available for via the Custom Reports link.

3.     Another A/R method is to use the “Advanced” search link to locate claims that meet specific criteria (patient, DOS, payers, electronic status, etc).