Billing Process for Posting and Applying Payments

The three easy steps it takes the Billing Department to post and apply payments, from EOBs to patient payments to ERAs. Post and Apply Payments Here are ways to post and apply payments to a patient’s account. 1. Post and Manually Apply ( paper checks and EOBs received at the office. 2. Auto Post (

The Billing Department Process

The Billing Department takes a number of steps to complete the billing process. ITB Pro makes the entire billing workflow simple, streamlined and automated. 1. Billing Workflow The Billing Department confirms that the charges have been entered by using the following methods: 1. Day End Review ( 2. Custom Report (– Appointment by Day and Provider

Tracking Accounts Receivables

The A/R ledgers have always been an extremely complicated part of the billing process…. until now. The good news is – we make this easy with ITB Pro and we make life easy for the billing department to track payments. How Does the Billing Department Keep Track of Accounts Receivables? 1. The Claim Status Dashboard ( be used to track claims in the EDI process and should not be used for Accounts Receivables accounting. T...

Generating Statement for Patient Balances

How does the Billing Department Generate a Statement for Patient Balances? Generating a patient statement is an important part of the billing process. Before creating a patient statement, it is recommended that all payments from patients and payers be posted and applied. In this help document, you’ll discover how ITB Pro allows you to generate a patient statement with a few clicks. Secondary Billing-Batch - Before generating a batch of statements the Secondary Billing L...