Appointments Creation

Creating Appointment 

For In Touch EMR only clients, all appointments must be done directly through the In Touch EMR calendar. 


To start creating appointments, the user must go to Calendar 2.0 or Multi-Resource Calendar and choose any view (day, weekly or monthly).

The user has to choose which Provider to set the appointment with by clicking on the Provider Drop-down.


Users must also indicate which location to assign this appointment to by choosing a location in the drop-down list. 


Then choose the date and time of when the appointment is going to be. A pop-up will appear and this will allow the users to provide details about the appointment. 



Components of the Appointment Pop-up Box


  1. Classification - There are 2 options to choose from:
  •  Blocked Appointment - for within clinic appointments that don't require a patient chart like meetings, lunch, reminders, etc. For this appointment type, it will require the user to enter a description.
  • Patient Appointment - Appointments that pertains to the patient. Users will type the patient name and the system will automatically look for a match. The user must click on the patient from the drop-down list of matches. 

2. Appointment Type  - Once clicked, this will show a drop-down selection of all the appointment types that have been created for the clinic. To review the lesson on how to create appointment types, click here. 

3. Date of Appointment - This will be automatically pre-populated based on which date and time were selected in the calendar. If the date was selected in the monthly calendar, the default time will be the start of treatment time that was indicated in the calendar settings.

4. Rendering Provider - this is automatically pre-populated based on whose calendar was chosen for this appointment. But if the user decides to change to a different provider, this drop-down will list all the available providers within the clinic.        

5. Location -  users must indicate from the drop-down list which location to schedule this appointment with especially for clinics that have more than 1 location. When clicked, this will open a drop-down list of all the locations indicated for this clinic. 

6. Appointment Category - The user must indicate which category to put this new appointment under.                    

7. Authorization - it is necessary to indicate the authorization number for each appointment so that the system can count down the number of appointments that have been used for each authorization and alert the user when there is no longer any remaining authorizations. To review the lesson on how to edit the patient chart and add authorization numbers click here.

8. Payer - if there are more than 1 payer on the patient chart, the user must choose which payer this particular document is for. 

9. Episode - if there are more than 1 episode on the patient chart, the user must choose which episode to add this document to. 

10. Referral Resource - If there is a referral resource assigned to the patient chart, this will be automatically populated with that resource. But if there is none, the user can choose from the drop-down list of referral resources which to be assigned to the appointment. To review the lesson on how to add referral resources to the patient chart, click here. 

To review the lesson on how to associate a referral resource to an episode, click here. 

11. Comments - If the user wants to add additional notes on the appointment. 

12. Recurring Appointment - if the user wants to repeat the same type of appointment, the following options will be available: 

  • Daily - This will repeat the appointment every day from the day that the appointment was created to how many numbers of appointments indicated in this section. 

  • Weekly - This will repeat the appointment depending on which days of the week were chosen by the user. The user must also indicate how many times the appointment will be repeated. 
  • Monthly  - this will repeat the appointment every month. The user will have the option to choose whether to repeat the appointment the same date as the original appointment on the following months or same day of the week. 
  • Yearly - this will repeat the appointment the same date every year base on how many repeated appointments indicated. 


Click on the Save button to save the appointment. The appointment will appear on the calendar once it has been saved.  



Appointments will show the name of the patient and the time of the appointment. It is also located on which date in the calendar the appointment was assigned to whether you are looking at either day view, week view or month view.

Once you click the appointment from the calendar, you will be able to see this pop up that shows the Appointment Details (unless the One-Click Calendar feature has been turned on for you. It can only be turned on by the administrator. If it is turned on, this pop up will no longer appear, you will be directed to the patient chart once you click the appointment from the calendar).

  1. Appointment Details - These details are from the patient chart.
  2. Patient Dashboard - This button will automatically open a new tab that directs you to the patient chart in the dashboard page.
  3. Edit Patient - This button will automatically open a new tab that directs you to the patient chart under the edit patient page.
  4. Upcoming Appointments - This button will automatically open a new tab that directs you to the patient chart under the upcoming appointments. Below it will also show if there are any upcoming appointments. 
  5. Important Alerts - This will show the alerts entered on the patient chart.


Edit / Delete / Copy

In the appointment pop-up you have the ability to edit, delete and copy the appointment.


  • Edit - when clicked, this opens the pop-up that allows  users to edit the appointment (In-progress and Finalized appointments can no longer be edited).
  • Copy - when clicked it will provide a notification on the top left corner informing the user that the appointment has been copied and ready to be pasted in any part of the calendar. Choose the date and time that you want the appointment to be copied to. The appointment pop-up will appear, allowing the users to make some edits prior to saving. Once saved, the notification that the appointment has been added will appear and the appointment will show on the calendar.

  • Delete - once clicked, it will remove the appointment from the calendar (In-progress and Finalized appointments can no longer be deleted).


Appointment Status

When the appointment is clicked from the calendar and the appointment pop up appears, the users will have the ability to change the appointment status.

Choose from any of the available options below:

  • New
  • Confirmed
  • Checked In
  • Checked Out
  • Rescheduled
  • Cancelled
  • No Show