Calendar 2.0

To access Calendar 2.0, click on the Calendar Tab and click Calendar 2.0  


  1. Provider - Choose which provider/clinician calender you would like to view from this dropdown. For users that have classification as a clinician, whenever they click on the calendar, it automatically defaults to their own name. It will show their own calendar immediately. If they wish to see other people's calendar, they still have the option to by choosing a different clinician name from the dropdown.                                                                             
  2. Search Patient Appointment - This allows you to search for a specific patient's appointment by typing their last name on the search box and the system will provide matches of patients with the same last name. You need to select which patient you are looking for. Once you have selected a patient, click on the search icon. It will show all the appointment for that patient only. 
  3. Clinic Location - If there are more than one location for a clinic, you can select which location you would like to view appointments for by clicking the tick box on the location.                                                                                                                                      
  4. Appointment Status - This is always defaulted to ALL to show all the appointments. But you can filter the appointments to see only appointments of the same status.  

    Please note that if you choose the In Review from the appointment status drop-down selection, ONLY the documents for review that has been submitted to the provider that you are viewing will appear. 
  5. View - Allows the user to toggle from Status, Advanced and Type View.
    • Status View - This will show the colors based on the status colors assigned by In Touch EMR. See appointment status drop-down for the color assigned. (ex: Checked In, Cancelled, New)
    • Type View - This will show the colors assigned by the user in the appointment types.
    • Advanced View- This will show the color of both status (background color) and appointment type (border color).
  6. Day, Week, Month -  This allows you to see which time period on the calendar. 
  7. Today - Clicking this button will direct you to today's calendar. 
  8. Direction - The arrows pointing left is to see previews day, week or month. The arrow pointing right is to see the upcoming day, week or month. 
  9. Tiny Calendar - Allows you to easily pick a date in the calendar you wish to view. 


When you click on the appointment, it will show the Appointment Details. Unless the One-Click Calendar feature has been turned on for you, then, clicking the appointment will direct you to the patient chart. It can only be turned on by the administrator.


For documents for review, it will only appear on the calendar of the clinician where it has been submitted to be reviewed. Once you click the appointment, the Appointment Details page will show a note saying: This document is currently in REVIEW. It has been submitted by (name of PTA ) to (name of clinician) for review, for the date of service DATE (TIME) and it was submitted for review on Date (TIME).