For In Touch EMR Only accounts, you will need to start adding the payers within your payer list. 

To start adding payers to your list, click on the Administration Tab and choose Insurance. 

There will be 2 tabs on this page:

  • Payer Selector - This page provides users a list of all the most commonly used commercial payers within the United States.

The users can search for their payers either by Payer Name or Payer ID and the system will find a match within the database.

To select a payer, click on it and it will turn blue. Then the user needs to click on the Add to "My Payers" to add it to the clinic's list of payers. 


  • My Payers - This will list all the payers that has been selected by the user and added to the clinic's list of payers. 

Within this page, the users will have the ability to:

1. Search for their clinic's list of payers through the search filters. There are several filtering options available:

  • Insurance Name
  • Payer ID 
  • Status - which can be either Active, Inactive, or Deleted


  • Type -  This can either be Commercial, Medicare or Both

2. Edit - This allows the users to add more information regarding the selected payer. Once clicked, it will open a page that the user can fill out. All fields that are marked with asterisks are mandatory fields.

To save all the information entered, click on the Update button. 

3. Delete - This allows the user to remove the payer from the "My Payers" list. But it will not be removed in the list of global payers that users can choose from. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the user was not able to find the desired payer within the Global list of payers, there is an option to add the payer.  Under the Payer Selector tab, click the Add New Payer button. A pop-up box will appear allowing the users to enter the information about the payer. 

Once saved, this new payer will be added to the clinics "My Payers" list. 


Adding a Payer to a Patient Chart 

When adding a payer in a patient chart, the system will only provide users with a list of payers that were selected in the "My Payers" list, it will not provide all the payers from the Global list. So users must add the payers to their "My Payers" list to indicate that those are the payers that will be used within the clinic. 

To review the lesson on how to edit the patient chart to add new payers, click here.