The Clinics page is a list of all the clinic locations. If a clinic has more than 1 location, each location must be indicated on this page. 

To access the Clinics page, go to the Administration tab and choose the Clinics option. 

Under the Add  Clinic tab, the user must enter all the clinic details. All fields with an asterisk are mandatory and will need to be filled out. 

All information entered in these fields will appear on the documentation PDFs, ensure that the information is correct.   


Adding a clinic logo 

To add a clinic logo, click on the "+Choose" button.   Once clicked, this will open the folders in the user's computer to choose a photo to upload. Once a photo has been chosen, it will be uploaded and show a small version on the page. 

To edit the logo, click the trash bin icon to remove the previous logo. 

Make sure to hit SAVE when you are done editing the clinic information.