In this lesson you will learn to:

  • Set authorizations in a patient chart
  • Associate the authorization to an appointment
  • Track Authorizations 


Set authorizations in a patient chart

To add an authorization to the patient chart, click on Edit Patient.  Go to the Alerts section in the Edit Patient tab and choose Authorizations. 

Click on the +Add New button. 

A pop-up will appear that requires the user to enter the following: 

  • Authorization number
  • Choose a payer from the drop down
  • Physician has authorized


The following information will be automatically provided by the system base on the information provided by the user:

  • Authorization Period
  • Authorization Expiry date
  • Number of Authorized Visits
  • Remaining number of visits  

Click on the save button to save the authorization.

The page will list out all the authorizations that have been saved on the patient chart. It will notify the users of these important information: 

  • Expiration Date - under the end date, that indicates when this authorization expires.
  • Number of Authorized visits.
  • Remaining visits.
  • Which appointments have been associated with that authorizations. 


The page will also allow users to edit or delete authorizations.


Associating Authorizations with Appointments

During the appointment creation in the pop-up, there is an area for authorization.

Choose the authorization number from the drop-down menu.


If there are no authorization number available, you will need to create a new authorization on the patient's chart. It is either that the authorization has already expired or that all the visits have been used for previous appointments.

Once the authorization number has been choosen, it will provide a notification pop-up with the remaining number of visits. 
Click the OK button and proceed into completing your appointment.

Tracking Authorizations

In the patient dashboard, you will be able to see authorizations.

If there are remaining visits in the authorization, the alert will be in black.


If there's no visits remaining on the authorization, the alert will be in red.