Patient Chart Creation

In In Touch EMR only accounts, you will have the ability to enter patients one by one or in bulk. 

Creating a Patient Chart 

To start creating a patient chart, go to the Patients tab and choose New Patient. 


The user must start entering all the information. All fields that have an asterisk are mandatory fields and needs to be filled out prior to saving the page.  


Importing Patients

This is to upload the current patient list in bulk.

To start go to the Patient tab on the left and choose Import Patient then Click to Download a Template.


Important Note:  The system will only accept the file if the template has been followed and the only accepted file format is CSV.

It will download the excel spreadsheet to the user's computer. 


On the spreadsheet, the user must follow the placement of each columns.

Important Note:  All the ones highlighted on the screenshot above and indicated with an asterisk are mandatory fields. If any of these columns are left blank, that patient will not be uploaded. 


To upload the patient files, click on the  +Choose button. It will open the computer folders, the user must choose the file to upload. 

If the user had ticked the box "Display list and import", it will provide a pop-up listing all the patients that were uploaded. This gives the user the chance to review all the patients and still edit and approve the list prior to uploading it to the account. Click the Upload Patient List to upload all the patient on the list. 


If the "Display list and import" button is not turned on and the user clicks on the Upload list button, it will not provide a pop-up to review the list. It will, however, provide a blue notification box on the left side confirming that the list has been uploaded.