How to Complete and Submit the Import Certification

Before contacts can be imported, a signed application is required to ensure that the User is aware and shall abide by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, as well as the regulations of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and other government organizations. Please print, sign, and submit the application.


On the Import Add/Import Contacts section, a page regarding the Import Certification will appear. The User will need to complete the Import Certification form, upload it and have it approved by our verification team before they can start adding/importing contacts to their your Clinical Contact account. 


Obtaining and Downloading the Certification Form


Click on Print Certification button to see the form


This pop up with the form will appear


Fill out all the necessary fields

Once all the information has been filled online, click on the "PRINT" button.

It will print out the form on the local/office printer, fill out this section by hand.


Uploading the Certification Form 

Go back to the Collect Tab and go to Add/Import Contacts


This time chose the "Upload Certification" button


The User needs to upload ALL of the pages of the form including the required items to be submitted. 

Please attach all required items: Section 3: Copy of the required acceptable forms of authentication based on the account type.

Once uploaded, our verification team will review the submitted forms and attachments. Please wait 24 hours for the forms to be approved. 

If the forms have been denied, please call Customer Support at (888) 405-0121.