Create,View and Edit on Bookmark


Bookmarks is an easy way to generate or view reports you already created/saved before.

  • Bookmarks are shared across the practice. You only see bookmarks for reports that you have permissions to.
  • Bookmarks are currently unavailable for enterprise users.
  • Date span selection is important for bookmarks to be used properly. You must select the dates using the drop-down options (e.g., last month) on the Reports home page.
  1. To access the bookmarks, click View Bookmarks.

  2. To create or save your report as a bookmark, click Save Bookmark.
  3. Export Report: Click Excel, CSV, or PDF to export everything that is on the page (e.g., table and chart) to an Excel, CSV, or PDF file.

 : Exports only the table or report information that is on the panel to an Excel, CSV, or PDF file.

4. To Edit a saved bookmark, click on View Bookmark > Choose the bookmarked report.
Once report is up, click on Save Bookmark > Enter the new description/Title of the report > Save Bookmark.