2022 KX modifier update


2022 KX Modifier


KX Modifier

The 2022 KX modifier threshold (Therapy cap limit) is now $2,150 compared to $2,110 last year. 

In the patient alerts section on each patient's chart, we have added a new tab for 2022 that has this new cap limit amount if users will compute the estimated visits remaining. 


Append KX modifier 

Since the start of the year also restarts the patient’s benefit threshold amount, we have TURNED OFF all the KX modifier for all patients. 

If the user wish to turn it ON for a particular patient, go to the patient chart> edit patient> Alerts>  KX Modifier> 2022>  click YES to append the KX modifier 


MIPS Reporting Changes

MIPS Measure 154 Falls: Risk Assessment has been removed from MIPS program effective January 1, 2022.